VBS 2019

In the Wild: Zoom in, focus on Jesus

…but these things are written that you may believe that Jesus is the Messiah, the Son of God, and that by believing you may have life in his name.

I know, I know…

How could God’s love possibly be described as reckless? It isn’t. It can’t be. 
But it sure looks like it to the world without.
God’s love makes you drive 4 hours a day to spend 5 hours with kids climbing all over you and trying to run away from you.
God’s love makes you take your vacation without friends and natural family to spend time with God’s family on mission.
God’s love makes you skip your senior trip to go sing about Jesus.
God’s love makes you stay to lead worship when your beautiful little girl has a stomach bug and has to go back home.
God’s love makes you come to watch children sing and play at Bible school when your doctors told you to stay home and keep your feet up.
God’s love makes you put on a costume to tell stories to children when you are 89-years-old.
God’s love makes you drive 3 vans 60+ miles a day looking for children to bring to learn about Jesus and how he died, was buried and rose again on the third day. 
God’s love will make you do amazing things. It sure looks reckless. What if something breaks? What if someone gets injured?
It’s only reckless if you don’t love them like Jesus loves them. It’s only reckless if you don’t tell them that he wants them to follow him. It’s only reckless if he isn’t with you and hasn’t commanded you to go and make disciples. It’s only reckless if you don’t count the cost and see that he is worth it and has paid our debt in full.
Theological debates aside, I still like that song. I’m glad we sang it last night. The students lived it. Campton saw it.
Thank you First Baptist Somerset for following Jesus to Campton. Thank you for loving us like Jesus loves us.

Love Campton.

Share the gospel.

Make disciples.

Live by God’s word.


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