What is the Work of an Evangelist?

The book of Acts is full of examples of many different ways that Jesus’ disciples did the work of evangelism. Peter preached to crowds at Pentecost and made a house visit to Cornelius. Phillip preached to crowds in Samaria, but was carried to just one Ethiopian Eunuch to tell him about Jesus. 

There are many tools that can help us do the work of an evangelist. We are called to do the work, not just possess the items and knowledge.  With the resources we have, there is no excuse for us to ignore our calling.

Main Scripture

Acts 13:13-43


Acts 2, 8, 17

2 Tim 4:5

1 Peter 3:15

The Bible leaves no question that Jesus’ church should be evangelical, extending the good news to large groups, families, and individuals. We have a mandate to evangelize. Evangelism requires us to proclaim the gospel to unbelievers and to make disciples among those who have faith to believe the gospel. We can have people in the church who are better at some parts or methods of evangelism, but all believers need to be able to effectively communicate who Jesus is using the Bible as the basis for our understanding and call people to repent of sin and believe that this is the good news. 

As we pray and prepare for our worship this week, lets focus on evangelism, for our one, and for all those we encounter everyday who still need to be saved from sin.

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